1. Joost D

    fuel leaking through carburetor

    When the engine is running or when the petcock is on prime, the gasoline drips from the back of the carb. It seems to be coming from the 2 jets. All rubbers and gaskets have already been replaced. Does anyone have experience with this? In the link is a gif where it can be seen clearly...
  2. D

    Oil leak impossible to fix

    Hi, I bought a Sanglas 400y three years ago and has been leaking on the left cover (alternator) since then some days a couple drops, some days more. My bike has the same engine as the xs400e so I've been reading the forum to fix this leak she has but it has been impossible. I have tried a new...
  3. D

    An unusual xs400 has a leak...

    Hi I'm Dani, from Spain, I own a sanglas 400y (spanish made with a japanese engine) that has a leak on a crankcase bolt because aparently the PO tightened it too much. Here you have pictures (bolt 10) to identify it and I would like to know a good way to solve the leak by myself. I was thinking...
  4. SoraXS400

    Carbs Leaking Like Crazy

    It's the luck of working. A few weeks ago I took off all the panels to be spray painted, never touched the carbs (in fact I drained them) and now when everything is put together, the carbs are leaking out of every orifice. Not sure what to do, my petcock was also leaking no matter what, even...
  5. Kosan181

    Cylinder leaking?

    Can anyone tell me what's going on here? Valve leaking? It seems to come from ignition point. Also I can go faster that maybe 45 and shifting into 5th gear gives me no speed. Could this be my clutch?
  6. A

    Tach Cable?

    Has anyone noticed if the tach cable leaks? I have replaced the top seal last time I took the head apart, now I am thinking that maybe i picked up the wrong cable, and that leak there, may be caused by the wrong tach cable? In 2010 when I had the front suspension done (finished) I picked up a...
  7. Jso123

    Front caliper leaking

    After replacing ( with a kit ) the master cylinder and hose with a steel one, I THEN noticed brake fluid leaking out by the front calipers... My Yamaha service manual is not much help. It just says replace pads when worn.... Can anyone direct me to some instructions ( geared to a 6 year...
  8. C

    Petcock leaking, what's this?

    Ok, so my petcock is spitting fuel out the side where this little hole is. The hole looks like it's supposed to be there. the little tiny gasket covers the hole but that gasket is pretty chewed up. So, is that hole necessary? What's the remedy here? Just new rubber gasket or what?