1. D

    Bike won't turn engine

    I fried my ignition coils, replaced them and now won't start. Also found white wires from stator melted together. Cut out bad wires and spliced together. When I run my key on and kill switch on to start the bike I have a massive voltage drop at battery. From 12.8v to 8v almost instantly. Turn...
  2. Ketchup pusher

    Amps from key ignition- DYI keyless ignition

    Hey there I'm currently making my own keyless ignition similar to motogadgets m-lock, a lot cheaper though. The problem is that is can only handle 3A, so i'm using an auto relay, i do however not know which relay to buy. I see the motogadget m-lock utilises a 40A auto relay, but isn't that a...
  3. klootwyk

    No Key!?!? What do i do?

    So I've recently picked up a 1983 maxim 400 project bike, problem is it came with no key! Don't worry, it's not stolen. Lived it's life on a farm, hasn't been used in years, keys disappear (sadly).. So I want to start tearing this bike apart and see what I'm working with. But I can't open the...
  4. Recreateme

    What type/where can i get original key blanks?

    I picked up my 79 xs400-2F about a month ago, and the PO gave me 1 key. I would love to have extras of this for obvious reasons but i have taken it to three places that specialize in cutting keys and none of them had blanks and told me they couldn't replicate it. Does anyone have a source...