1. F

    '78 Will Not Start With Choke

    Hello again! I have a 78 400E which is being a handful to say the least. Right now, the bike refuses to start with the choke on at all (or the enricher, whatever you want to call it) and requires a good amount of kicking and swearing before it fires up. Once started, if I attempt to put the...
  2. freiesss

    Pod Conversion - Help needed

    Hello all, Currently my bike (82' XS400 Maxim) is running great but I want to put air pods on instead of the stock air box/filter. Everything is stock - including my exhaust. What jets should I order? If anyone has done this or knows what I should do, your help would be appreciated! (Also...
  3. C

    XS400 DOHC Jets

    Hi All, I've read many of the posts regarding jetting on this site, but want to post this question for some of the experts to comment/reply. The XS400RK Manual (see pics) indicates that the standard jetting (Starter Jet) is #35. The RJ/RK parts manaul says the jetting (Pilot Jet) is #42.5...
  4. bakeLit

    Introduction, maintenance and backfiring problem

    Hello there, guys (and girls, perhaps?), First of all, I might use this post as a way of introducing myself to the community, as I've bought an '81 SOHC XS to play with for the summer (with no side covers, yes, I know). I've already ridden about 800 kilometers and thought I would never...