ignition coil testing

  1. A

    1982 Seca no spark after rainstorm

    Hi guys, I'm a little lost on this problem and I'm hoping someone here can point me in the right direction. I've got a 1982 XS400 Seca that was running as of early August but now has no spark on either side after it was out in a good rainstorm. I have the service manual and I've been attempting...
  2. ghoulgang

    No spark on left side!

    Hey All. Update since my last thread (about a stripped idle stop screw): fixed the strip with Teflon tape. Bike ran well for a few days, then got progressively harder and harder to start. I thought it might have been a timing issue or a points issue or something so over way too long of a...
  3. riotten22

    Help ! process for testing ignition coil on 81 XS400

    Hey guys been paging through the pdf manuals and found resistance values but no real good description on how to test the coil for primary and secondary resistance. Please advice what terminals i need to hook up my ohmeter too. Seems like a dumb question but i am not getting any values from...