1. G

    Ignition Switch Issue - no power at all on first position, no headlight on second

    Hello All, I have a problem with the electric system of my Yamaha XS400 81’. Bought it two weeks ago. I understand enough about electric to follow your thought, but not advanced It is a cafe racer, so the electric I believe it’s a bit different than the original one. Background: two weeks ago...
  2. V

    Swapping fuse box

    Hello, so I had a question regarding the old fuse box. The one on my 1978 xs is trashed and Im doing a scrambler build, so I got a new one. I got one that is meant to come off the battery and have the whole fuse panel hot all the time, but didn't think about the fact that it needs to be keyed at...
  3. B

    1980 Special II - Engine Switch/Battery Issues

    I'm putting a 1979 engine into a 1980 Special II. It took me a few months as I tentatively pulled everything apart, dropped the new engine in, and started putting it back together. I'm a total newb. I'm having an electrical issue. The replacement engine had what looked to be the same wires...
  4. Aedan Graves

    My winter project

    Hi all, Just bought a used xs400. not sure what year or model, the reg papers just say 1980 xs400 but I'm not so sure... It's got wire wheels and drum brakes with an electric starter. haven't read up on that combo much but I'm guessing its an XS400H based on wiring diagrams. I'll upload pics...
  5. Winnipeg_79_XS400

    Another battery question

    For all the info, please can someone tell me what the stock battery is for the 1979 XS400? I want stock, nothing smaller. Cheers
  6. R

    Electrical troubleshooting need help

    Hi guys new to the forums here. Just got what I believe is a 84 xs400 and am having issues with the charging system. Looking for advice on where to start and how to go through to figure out which component is not working. So far I have ohm'd out the stator and all three coils are identical which...
  7. Winnipeg_79_XS400

    electric start is dead?!?!

    I brought the bike home yesterday and it ran fine. I went to start my bike today, the lights went on when I turned on the ignition, and nothing when I hit the start. I tried the kick start and has compression, no start. I charged the battery and still nothing, I checked the connections under...
  8. P


    just bought two new aftermarket iemigo coils from xsmikes the two wires that come out from the coil are yellow and black. can anyone tell me how the match up with the red/white, grey and orange on the wiring harness. my bike is a 77/78 xs400 cheers