drewpy's tracker

  1. drewpy

    Tracker Vid

    well I borrowed a friends camera yesterday and spent most of today editing. here at last is my video of the tracker taking in the ROF facory where I shot the pictures and some nice UK B class roads where these bikes excel. :bike: can anyone hear any sound? :wtf:
  2. drewpy

    tracker jets sorted

    Just thought I'd share my final settings for my tracker, which I've finally got sorted; shortened 2 in 1 exhaust with 2.5" baffle DOHC carbs fitted to sohc engine and narrowed to fit emgo filters using intake tubes float height right side = 21.16mm left side = 21.51 pilot # 50 with 1.5...
  3. drewpy

    finally, Tracker pictures

    well here are the first pictures from this morning's photoshoot. spent about an hour there and will have more in a few days, enjoy
  4. drewpy

    went for a ride

    went for a ride today on the tracker, well I put it in for an MOT which it passed woohoo!:smoke: so its now offcially taxed insured and safe to use. I got stopped on the way my another biker wondering what it was, babies cried, mum's ran off pushing prams usual stuff :D just a few...
  5. drewpy

    It lives!!

    yep folks september the 2nd is etched in my mind as the tracker roared into life today. it is F*cking LOUD The whole street came out, dogs barked, cats ran off. Its a beast, it shakes and burbles and... and I'm stoked :bike: the front brake needs bedding in, and I need to fine tune...
  6. drewpy

    tracker tank arrived

    Its here! the tracker tank has finally arrived. I still have to finish off the rewire, but the end is near! this is the only picture you're gonna get till i get it running and some decent pictures done.
  7. drewpy

    rewire how to

    well folks, started the rewire tonight and will add the stages as and when I complete them. If I do it this way, I can remember what I did rather than trust my crap memory. this is for my tracker without starter, indicators and with an ignition relocation. Plan This is the most important...
  8. drewpy

    tracker engine in

    managed to fot the engine in yesterday. just needs to wrap it, paint the muffler flat black. rewire and hopefully get my paint back:D no more pictures now till its finished :smoke:
  9. drewpy

    bottom end in Trackre

    Well, even though I've been working over weekend I have managed to put the bottom end in the frame and fitted the clutch window. It was really late when i was doing it and forgot to check the kicker, damn I ve instralled it wrong :banghead: nver mind, will have to get a new gasket now :doh...
  10. drewpy

    Drewpy's clutch window

    You've seen it here first fellow XS400 owners. Drewpy's Clutch window.... :bike:
  11. drewpy

    Drewpy's Xmas tomorrow

    I'm so excited, and I just can't hide it..... tomorrow I'm gonna pick up my powdered coated frame for the tracker! tank and seat in for paint (that's next month) the rebuild starts..... wooooooohoooooooo!!
  12. drewpy

    chrome and zinc stuff

    Picking up me chrome and zinc plating tomorrow for the tracker project. hope it turns out ok, I got chromed carb tops, exhaust collar, top nut and kick lever. and zinced rear brake pivot and assorted stuff. can't wait:D
  13. drewpy

    sprocket cover

    messing with Photoshop and thought I'd open up the sprocket cover and then mesh it. what do you guys think? be honest as I don't want to mess it up what would be the best way to fix the mesh in place?
  14. drewpy

    my tracker build

    thought I'd start a build log of my xs400 tracker