1. Daniel Moulton

    New XS500 member, I hope you'll accept me. Starting frustration

    I know the xs500 is a bit of a downer in the XS line but I cant find a forum for them, so I hope youll accept me. I am working on a 76 XS500 cafe. I picked up the bike up for $100. After a lot of work I tested to see if it would run and I got it running enough to give me the confidence to keep...
  2. K

    Restoration project|1982 XS400SJ HERITAGE w/Bobber frame

    This is my first bike guys and I’m really excited to start getting things working. I’m planning on taking my time and doing a restoration with it over the winter. Bought it from previous owner who let it sit with it on, and gas in the tanks. It won’t start and im pretty sure I just need to...
  3. Yolandamaha

    Where do I start?

    Hello! Brand new here. I'm not new to riding, but this is my first project bike. I've wrenched on my old 96 XJ for the last 8 years (anyone interested? she's for sale). I just scooped up an 82 and looking for a good place to start. She'll crank up but I know I need a clutch rebuild and rear...
  4. thekinggrim

    Gooseneck Chopper

    Gday peeps thought my current xs400 chop build might tickle some of your fancies its a 70s inspired gooseneck frame hardtailed one off just started work on it this week still gotta rebuild and polish the old xs lump but planning on running a 1/2 chain driven pma alternator as the old coil and...
  5. MaximBobber

    Another NEW Member with a XS400 Caferacer!!!

    Hey Bike Lovers, I'm new to the Forum and thought I'd start off by sharing my '82 Maxim XS400J Custom Cafe Racer Some details of the build: 82 Yamaha Maxim XS400J Custom chopped frame Cognito Moto Triple Tree 2012 YZF R6 Front Fork Conversion Ducati Sport Classic 1000 monoposto rear shock...
  6. Renegade

    Renegade's Phoenix Build

    In 2006, at the young age of 18, I bought my first motorcycle: a black 1982 XS400J Maxim. I didn't even know how to ride at the time. I learned to ride on that bike, I learned to wok on motorcycles on it, even customize motorcycles on that very bike. I loved it. I rode as often as I could...
  7. Greasey Fingers

    My XS360 build finished....finally!!!

    Greetings all! I finally finished my xs360 build, shes up and running and registered and on the road.....I was nearly over it at the end stages with all the fiddly crap (especially carbs) but got there in the end. This took a long time but I was in no hurry and I got most things the way I wanted...
  8. ThomasLoco

    1978 XS 400 Cafe Racer from Germany

    Hi guys:), my name is Thomas, I'm 23 years old and IT-ecomics-student, located in germany right next to the alps:cool:. I ride since I'm 18, when I started on a Husqvarna Supermoto. My bike for daily adventures is a 2014 Triumph Street Triple R with lots of mods. I would like to show you my...
  9. Monowakari

    Custom Seat Advice

    Bear with me, The idea is for suggestions and advice here, not, "lets be practical kid, you cant do this." :thumbsup: Converting from solo seat (with fairly chopped frame) to enough room for up to a 2 hour trip through vancouver island (<90kmh with twisties and highway stretches) with the gf...
  10. T

    Funny custom XS400

    Hi, I don't know if it's been already posted but I have been to a custom festival recently and found interesting mod on xs400. have a look here and look for "Janek" - funny custom based on XS400 (yellow/orange painting). ;) regards
  11. Wolfe_11B

    Don't know how I feel about this one....

    Strange, is all I can say... How do you sit on the darn thing?
  12. BBS360

    XS400SJ - Slow Project

    So my wife came home today with this for me: An early Christmas present. Has the weird 14W VIN prefix. Apparently an '82 SJ. Looks like everyone asking about the 14W VIN is in Canada. Canadian only VIN? Looks pretty good from ten feet away but it was laid down on its right side before being...
  13. T

    New member with some spare parts in good condish!

    T8erbug's XS400 Brat/Scrambler I joined a while back but now I actually have some stuff to post ha. My uncle gave me his 1980 XS400 Special that he bought new so she's a legit one-owner. It's got about 19K miles. He gave it to me with new paint on the body work, new badges, and the carbs...
  14. Liamrdv

    Broke my rusty nipple

    In an attempt to bleed my front brakes, I broke the top of the bleeder screw off , now I have a replacement for that but I am not too sure how to get the old one out, anyone have previous experience with something like this? I already have drilled into it , my Bolt extractor isn't fairing too...
  15. S

    1978 motor in a 1981 frame?

    A careless 300 year old man totaled my beloved 1978 SOHC XS400. I found a good rolling chassis on craigslist but its a 1981. Will a 1978 motor mount in that frame easily,?
  16. W

    ill Dragon Classic Cycles build out of a 1980 XS400G to Cafe Racer.

    iLL Dragon Classic Cycles is run by former road racers Will T and Tommy D, and Tom's nephew Peter D. They are in the process of turning this very nice 35 year old motorcycle into something that will feel very contemporary, ride very nicely and look stunning. This will be a total frame off redo...
  17. lemonhead

    The $50 '79 xs400

    Hi all, I have been lurking in the shadows of the forum since about October, harvesting information, tips and tricks. Working for an auction company, I occasionally come across fun things like this: It was buried under ages of raccoon funk and shredded building material, forgotten in the...
  18. covertune

    Custom Lights

    Looking for some ideas for custom lighting on my '83 Maxim… no ground effects or anything like that, but cool head/tail lights and turn signals.
  19. F

    xs 400 1981 tire sizes

    Hi There, Just in process of converting a xs400 special into a cafe racer/ scrambler style motorcycle. I have the factor wheels on and would like to put some tires on it to make it look more the part. I have looked on google pictures and seen hundreds of xs400 with just what i'm looking for...
  20. rshutchinson

    '80 XS400 whiteout

    '80 XS400 whiteout Didn't know what to call it to get your attention? I'm also slowly working on a small resto-mod of my dad's xs400 as well as working on my own GR650 chop but I think this is going to take precedence for now, quite excited to see how it turns out. Going with a clean white...