1. D

    Oil leak impossible to fix

    Hi, I bought a Sanglas 400y three years ago and has been leaking on the left cover (alternator) since then some days a couple drops, some days more. My bike has the same engine as the xs400e so I've been reading the forum to fix this leak she has but it has been impossible. I have tried a new...
  2. Monowakari

    JB weld Tappet Cover?

    Hey all, After adjusting valve clearances and replacing tappet covers one of them broke with barely any applied torque. It broke similar to the ones in the pictures however all of the threads are intact. It broke above the final thread and quite cleanly. Those pictures are not mine! Just...
  3. J

    Outdoor Motorcycle Cover

    Hello XSers. I did a search but didn't come up with much. I am looking for a good Motorcycle Cover for my xs400. I have to park my bike outdoors for winter, covered but otherwise exposed. We get snow and temp typically down to -20 C (-4 F). I was wondering if anyone has any good/bad...
  4. B

    Help on fixing this oil leak

    Sup guys! So I have an oil leak right at the crankcase cover where the rubber grommet surrounding the stator wires slides into the little notch. I've tried sealing this thing a few times and I've got it down to a very slow drip...but i haven't gotten it to go away completely. What seemed...
  5. D

    Can't get my Points Plate Cover off

    Hey guys so my right cylinder is not heating up so I wanted to check my points to make sure everything is timed right. After doing some research I found out that my bike has a solid state ignition system, does those ever need adjusting? or are they set forever? Thanks