charging problem

  1. B

    Xs400 not regulating

    I know i've read threw most of the posts about this, but I just don't understand what is going on. Help me out? The skinny: From engine: Black - field coil ground? Green - field coil 3 whites- ac current I have the r292 VR, the magnet works when energized directly from battery, green receiving...
  2. B

    Regulator rectifier confusion.

    Heylo. The skinny: I built a cafe racer, eitrd from scratch, burnt out two batteries. I have a combo reg/rec purchased from Ricks. My bike is a 1981 xs400 heritage special. My R.R has 3 white wires, which I ran to the white wires on the R.R, 1 green to the magnet? A brown wire that...
  3. robbiecampbellsoup

    Charging problem diagnostics (bike died on the way home)

    Hey Folks, I just picked up a 1983 Maxim XS400 from a nice fellow locally - it rode decently well on a test ride and the price was pretty good so I picked it up - I knew the battery wasn't holding a charge on it when I was looking at the bike, but I was hoping that it was just a case of a super...
  4. 400x

    bad rectifier? NO charge

    First, I will say that I am no electrical genius. The bike is a 77 xs400. It has given me no problems until recently the "signal" circuit fuse blew and the battery is no longer charging. This happened last year while I was living with the bike out of town with no tools so I brought it...
  5. A

    Charging System issues

    Hello, I'm new ad this is my first post. I have an 81 xs400. It generates no charge so when it's running it dies after about ten miles. I (regretfully) took it to a shop that told me the reg/rec were shot. They replaced with 2 in 1 unit marked tmr1003bu. After this they decide stator is shot...