1. X

    '77 XS400D - Choppy Idle / Ticking noise

    Hello everyone! I've got a 1977 XS400D with 19000 km on it (or so my speedometer says) the bike and engine is in great condition visually, carbs are in great condition as well. Im the first one to register this bike in Canada so theres literally no record of it prior to May 2021. When I...
  2. Nichdoch

    ‘81 xs400 carb float question...

    So, I got into the carbs on my ‘81 the other day and honestly the worst I’ve ever seen. Gonna be completely rebuilding them. I am having trouble locating floats for the ‘81. Will the ones from earlier models like 77-79 work? I uploaded some pics of what I got versus what I was looking at buying.
  3. Taintedsaiden

    Enrichment issue

    What do you all think? Bike requires full enrichment to start, but will only stay firing well for a few seconds before I have to back the switch down a bit. As the bike warms up, I have to slowly lower the switch to get the rpm's up. The more choke, the harder it is for the bike to run. I...