carb settings

  1. The Wang

    Carb flooding

    Im still waiting on some parts to service the jets and replace the bowl gasket, however I still have a serious flow out of both carbs when I connect fuel. It's so bad that when I take the line off fuel flows back out. I'm wondering if it could be my tank pressurizing, as I adjusted the floats...
  2. A

    Help yamaha xs400 1983

    I have a lots problem with my bike, it was dead like a 8 months ago, i started to restore it, but my two big problems are wiring diagram and carburation, i dont know anything about that and i hope that you can help me guys, please, i really want my bike backs to live.
  3. C

    Carb issues

    i recently picked up an 82 xs400 that hadn’t been run in over a year. I got it running, got rid of the bad gas, and cleaned the carb. Even after cleaning the carb, the left side carb is still flooding causing it to hesitate and leak gas out of the air intake. Any suggestion?
  4. Chad

    Low HP and slow throttle response

    So my 1981 XS400SH I have had 20 years (old reliable), got a crack in the manifold boot, ran lean and hot, melted a plug, and broke a valve. Now after a head rebuild and new valves and guides (and a new tank), and several valve adjustments, it idles great and roars when I get up to speed, but...
  5. MartinMamrd

    Carb setting issue

    Hello, Im tired of trying different settings now. Someone might know what would be best for me? Situation: Xs 400 2A2 (77), 39.5mm camschaft (no 27 PS kit), carbs BS 34 with vertical pilot screw. Cleaned, no air leaks which i can find i hope. carb settings: Main Jet: 137.5 Pilot Jet: 42.5...
  6. freiesss

    Pod Conversion - Help needed

    Hello all, Currently my bike (82' XS400 Maxim) is running great but I want to put air pods on instead of the stock air box/filter. Everything is stock - including my exhaust. What jets should I order? If anyone has done this or knows what I should do, your help would be appreciated! (Also...
  7. A

    Idle too Damn High

    So finally got my bike up and running and after riding it around for a while I noticed that when I come to a stop it likes to idle at around 2500-3000 rpm. I would adjust the idle screw but then she wouldn't idle at startup (to which she sits at a nice 800-1000 rpm). Should I adjust the idle...
  8. E

    Carbs settings with short straight pipe

    I previously bought this bike as is somewhat running but cannot figure out why it won't stay running. To the best of my knowledge the last owner put a straight pipe on it and never changed anything with the carbs. So my question is since it is running pretty lean and cuts out after awhile, do I...