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  1. YooperGoat

    New XS, looking for build/maintenance guidance

    Hello, new member I acquired a 1981 XS400H (I believe) and will have access to the bike later this summer when I return home. I am learning as much as possible before then. I have an idea of what needs to be done to get it running. As well as a list of questions Firstly, I plan on stripping...
  2. J

    1981 Yamaha XS400H Won't Start

    Hello everyone. I have read through a couple of the other threads about the XS400 not starting, but I can't seems to find anything that helps my situation. The PO said that it used to run fine until the carbs starting leaking. He put a new set of carbs on it and tried making it into a bobber and...
  3. R

    Rear suspension

    Hey guys, planning to do a straight hoop on the back of my 1981 XS400SE because the previous owner did a pretty poor job of cutting up the frame (see picture). The problem is that I'm pretty sure the rear bumper or even the frame would hit the wheel when the shocks are compressed. I was thinking...
  4. B

    1978 Yamaha 400 Electric Start

    Hello! I’m new to this page but had some questions. I recently got a 1978 Yamaha 400. I believe it’s an XS however, the title doesn’t say and from my knowledge it was custom build found at an estate sale. It’s extremely hard for me to kick over so I’m looking at my options of converting into...
  5. Qwervo

    1st post: Let me introduce myself

    Hi everybody, I hope you are all good and safe. After reading you guys for some weeks, I’m more than happy to announce that I just bought a 1988 XS400 L. It Was conserved stock until the previous owner transformed it into a cafe racer 3 years ago. He found himself not riding it often enough...
  6. R

    My XS400 dohc cafe racer!

    Hi guys, I never post anything but this forum helped me a lot to build my bike! I am still fighting with the "perfect" jet-configuration for the carbs, but the bike runs quite nice. There is a video on Youtube Cheers :)
  7. B

    Regulator rectifier confusion.

    Heylo. The skinny: I built a cafe racer, eitrd from scratch, burnt out two batteries. I have a combo reg/rec purchased from Ricks. My bike is a 1981 xs400 heritage special. My R.R has 3 white wires, which I ran to the white wires on the R.R, 1 green to the magnet? A brown wire that...
  8. Renegade

    Renegade's Phoenix Build

    In 2006, at the young age of 18, I bought my first motorcycle: a black 1982 XS400J Maxim. I didn't even know how to ride at the time. I learned to ride on that bike, I learned to wok on motorcycles on it, even customize motorcycles on that very bike. I loved it. I rode as often as I could...
  9. S

    For Sale - 1979 XS 400 - Clean

    Hey all, I'm putting my bike up for sale. Got a new bike and have decided to free up some space. Hate to see it go but I'm told "we" need new floors sooo... Anyways here is the link I put up on craigslist and will try to get some better pics of it with the new paint scheme. Its in great shape...
  10. Jesse Liss

    New Guy From MN Saying Hi

    Hi everyone. I just picked up my first motorcycle, a 1978 Yamaha XS400-2E. I'm converting it into a cafe racer, the guy I bought it from has already done some work to it to convert it. I'm glad I found this site, it has a lot of resources that have already been really helpful. Mechanically it...
  11. P

    1982 XS400 Heritage Special Scrambler Log

    Hello all, My name is Peter and I am from Canada, I have gotten so much information from this forum and decided to contribute by posting what I will be doing to my XS400 this summer, and hopefully get some advices and tips on how to make my XS400 into a scrambler style bike. The bike is...
  12. G

    Electric start help!

    Hello all! Very new to the forums here but I am some need of some desperate help with the final touches on my cafe racer build. I'm running into 2 problems right now. My electric start currently is working, from reading other posts this is what I've learned and done. I took the ground from the...
  13. M

    Need for a Rear Hoop?

    My cousin and I recently bought a near mint '78 XS400 with 6,000 miles for a good price to customize. After timing and carb cleans, the bike runs like clockwork in all rev ranges. More to the point of this thread, we are now in the process of building it "Brat-ish" style with a flat seat, but...
  14. C

    81 XS400 Special - First Project

    Hello, My name is Ryan, I'm from Columbia, MD, and I am a Graphic Designer. I just wanted to make my first post as I am new to this forum. I picked up an 81 XS400 Special a couple days ago for $500. This is my first motorcycle (besides some dirt bikes growing up) and I cant help but modify...
  15. Greasey Fingers

    My XS360 build finished....finally!!!

    Greetings all! I finally finished my xs360 build, shes up and running and registered and on the road.....I was nearly over it at the end stages with all the fiddly crap (especially carbs) but got there in the end. This took a long time but I was in no hurry and I got most things the way I wanted...
  16. ThomasLoco

    1978 XS 400 Cafe Racer from Germany

    Hi guys:), my name is Thomas, I'm 23 years old and IT-ecomics-student, located in germany right next to the alps:cool:. I ride since I'm 18, when I started on a Husqvarna Supermoto. My bike for daily adventures is a 2014 Triumph Street Triple R with lots of mods. I would like to show you my...
  17. T

    Tips and suggestions for first bike build

    Hey guys, so I just bought an 81 xs 400 and want to customize it. I was thinking either a bobber or a café racer, I like both ideas. I have a lot of experience with motors and electronics, and basically everything except fabrication/welding. I was wondering what build would have the least amount...
  18. E

    Wire harness fitment

    I've had a hard time deciphering the differences between some of the older wiring harnesses. I have a 1981 XS400 that I'm rebuilding and have had a helluva hard time finding a new wiring harness (lack of time, not laziness, has been my foe). I've easily found harnesses for the 650's of that era...
  19. A

    Just a bit of an update!

    Hey everyone! Soo the bike has been put away for the winter here in sunny sask, so i figured its time to start tearing into it. Over the last couple of days I've been tearing it down, pretty much just seeing what hidden gems I can find that are broken. Found the PO got his sticky fingers into...
  20. Mawx

    80 XS400 Higher Quality Images and Video!

    Look at my latest post for better pictures and a vid!