1. BambinoFan

    Screw length sizes

    Hi everyone, Looking to replace all the mismatched rusty bolts on my bike from the previous owner. The OG manual has the thread specs but no lengths. Anyone know where to find those?
  2. O

    XS400 front fender bolts

    Hello. I got an 1981 xs400 that came with no front fender. I purchased an aftermarket fender that I love the look of but I need to find the bolts to attach it. I don't live close to a motorcycle shop and was wondering what size the bolts were and if I could get them from the hardware store
  3. B

    Stainless steel bolts for the engine

    Hi All, So I have stripped and cleaned my XS400 engine and am about to start the rebuild. I purchased a set of SS bolts for the engine off've eBay ( *Link*). This doesn't contain all the bolts for the engine assembly so I was going to measure the left overs and order individually. But then I...
  4. Z

    Bolt Specs for Caliper Mounting Bolts

    So in my stupidity, the front brake caliper mounting bolts came loose on the road and were lost. I need the specifications for the bolts so I can get new ones. I'd assume the bolts are metric so something like M10? Thanks in advance.
  5. U

    What size screws for carbs?

    Hi I am going to need to take apart my carbs again and I promised myself that if I did I would replace all the screws (some are stripped) on the body of the carb with stainless steel socket head (Allen) screws does anyone know what sizes and how many of each to redo a set of 1980 xs400g bs34s? I...
  6. allanrps

    *Almost* Complete List of XS400 Fasteners

    First off, hi. This is my first post on the forums. I'm a kid living in Pittsburgh, and I just got my XS400 about a month ago. I'll post a proper introduction some time in the near future. Anyway, I've spent the last couple days pulling off and measuring every nut and bolt I could get my hands...
  7. subt3rra

    crankcase bolt torque ft lb's?

    Hey guys I replaced a leaky gasket and need to know what the torque setting should be for the left side crankcase cover bolts... Anyone? Don't want to leak all over my new pipe wrap... Thanks