1. anonymosaurus_RXS

    Four wires from stator

    Hello all, In my pursuit to figure out my charging issue I'm noticing I have four yellow wires coming from my stator, that hooks to a male connector with three yellow wires that continues into the loom. Everything I've read, I'm only seeing that there should be THREE yellow wires coming from the...
  2. D

    Oil leak impossible to fix

    Hi, I bought a Sanglas 400y three years ago and has been leaking on the left cover (alternator) since then some days a couple drops, some days more. My bike has the same engine as the xs400e so I've been reading the forum to fix this leak she has but it has been impossible. I have tried a new...
  3. M

    XS400 charging system upgrade - PMA / stator & permanant magnet flywheel

    Hey guys & gals, I'm working on converting from the stock charging system to a PMA charging system on an XS400. The stock charging system was getting weak (although I didn't note it had failed) and the rubber seal where the wires pass thru the crank case cover were a leaking spot. I...
  4. A

    need to upgrade 1979 xs400 2f charging system

    Hi, I am new here, from guatemala, I recently bought a 1979 xs400 2f and I´m working on it, changed some motor parts and the engine runs well, i´ve found out that my alternator no longer works and I want to upgrade to a PMA system, I´ve done some reading mostly on this forum and found some...
  5. andrewvalentine

    78 XS400-2E Headlight/Flasher issues

    Hey everyone, I have a new problem with this bike: Recently when I start up the bike the headlight works but then after it's been running for a few minutes bothe the headlight and flashers no longer work. Is this an alternator problem or maybe something else? I don't really know where to look...
  6. D

    Electrical issues

    Hey guys, I'm having some trouble with my charging system on my '80 xs400, at idle I'm getting 11.36v as I rev it up it will slowly increase in voltage to battery. Is that normal to be such a low voltage at idle? I thought it was supposed to be somewhere in 14v? Some one set me straight...