1. C

    Having trouble with oil leaking from the crankcase

    Hello! I have a 82 12E model and it's been leaking since this winter. I opened the cover and it's a mess I read online that this is a common problem and it's usally from the clutch rod so I switched the oil seal but I find it hard to see where the leak is coming from. I went for a ride and...
  2. S

    Piston Play?

    Back again to hopefully ask one last question so here we go. In this video here (LINK), you can see the piston has a fair amount of side to side play. It does not have any up/down or angular movement. I know the piston wont move like this in the cylinder, but from previous questions I have asked...
  3. L

    1982 SE version?

    Hello everyone! I'm a new user from Italy, and i'm a happy new owner of a yama xs400. I noticed that a lot of valuable information is collected on this site, useful for the conservation, restoration and maintenance of the XS. I'm really grateful for this information and for the hard work you...
  4. markjs

    XJ650 questions about coils

    OK, so we're reviving an old XJ650 Maxim, and we have one coil that quit altogether. The only replacement we had available today was from an 85 Shadow 700. It seemed to work at first but the spark is at best weak and intermittent. I was only able to get two plug caps, and both new caps were on...
  5. A

    1982 Seca no spark after rainstorm

    Hi guys, I'm a little lost on this problem and I'm hoping someone here can point me in the right direction. I've got a 1982 XS400 Seca that was running as of early August but now has no spark on either side after it was out in a good rainstorm. I have the service manual and I've been attempting...
  6. graphed

    '82 Maxim: Low Beam fine, High Beam and indicators not working.

    Just got my bike back from the shop and noticed they missed a few things... I'll be getting in touch with them but in the meantime I'd like to have a better understanding of a few issues: - Low beam works fine but the high beam is non-existent. Is this most likely a wiring or bulb issue? Would...
  7. Caleb

    1982 XS 400, won’t start

    Had it running, backfiring like crazy. Won’t run. New gas, tried the carb adjustment on the bottom but I really don’t know what these carbs are the aren’t the ones in the Manual I have. Kinda lost. Any advice? I’m a teenager and am completely new to this so any advice would be great. (It’s a...
  8. J

    1982 xs400 heritage special

    Hello everyone I got a hell of a deal on a 82 xs400 heritage special for 200$! It runs everything seems to work I just started tearing it down to build it but unfortunately I know absolutely nothing about this bike I have no manual or diagrams I am hoping all of you fine people could help me out...
  9. K

    82' Seca 400 tail/side rack ideas

    Hello! New here.. and relatively new to riding! Got my 82' Seca 400 last summer and have been loving riding and learning A TON about the bike since. Currently working on a few things on it, one of which is finding some sort of tail/side rack for carrying a bit of gear/luggage. I've seen a few...
  10. MajorRichardWeed

    1982 Yamaha XS400 starter switch questions

    Hey guys, having issues with my 1982 Yamaha XS400, I believe it is a Maxim. When I first got her she wasn't running and was making a clicking noise when I tried to start it. Found the ignition fuse loose and she was up and running. It's been about 4 months, I've made a couple of upgrades but...
  11. 1982xs400

    For Sale - 1982 XS 400 Maxim, with extra parts * $ make offer *

    1982 XS 400 Maxim, with extra parts *$ make offer * have title, bike runs but needs front tire, chain and sprockets, maybe clutch,,chatter in 4th gear. rear tire has low miles. bike has 35,630 miles, see photos ***extra parts are original seat great condition, handle bars, rear foot pegs...
  12. S

    Seca 400 gas tank interchangeability

    So I recently received a free 1982 xs400r seca. It needs a new headgaket, headlight, and a few other things. One thing is the gas tank leaks pretty bad from the seams. It looks like someone already tried to do a seal job on it and its flaking in the tank. Personally I think the tank is too far...
  13. 1982xs400

    Fourth gear chatters !!

    Fourth gear chatters...how hard to replace...?? split case or replace from clutch side ?? . replace all gears?? thanks
  14. freiesss

    Brake Upgrade?

    Hello fellow XS riders, Have any of you upgraded front brakes on your XS400? If so, what did you use/do? I could just replace the pads but I'm looking to get a little more stopping power and if anyone has any tips or suggestions, let me know! Thanks! Brian 1982 XS400
  15. Bart Zammit

    New member

    hey guys new around here got my first bike an 82 xs400 12 e about 6 months ago runs pretty sweet but got a few things in mind thinking cafe/scrambler not to sure yet. Few questions to start of I'm looking at changing the instrument cluster from the 42inch plasma screen to something a bit smaller...
  16. A

    Flasher issues

    Hi everyone, this is my first post on this forum, so like the other I need to introduce myself. My name is Dave and I own a xs400 1982sj heritage special. Now the problem, my flasher work but they don't blink..so I change the relay for a Tridon EP35, but nothing work. Flashers dont light and...
  17. O

    For Sale - 1982 Yamaha XS400 Carburetors OEM 1977-1983

    Off of a 1982 Yamaha XS400 Mikuni in good used condition. Everything moves freely and have been well cleaned. Asking $150 w/free shipping. Make payments via PayPal, Chase Quick Pay, or Venmo. US ONLY! Sorry!
  18. freiesss

    Cafe Racer Build

    So, I have a 1982 Maxim 400. My plan is to customize this bike to look like a cafe racer. I have access to welding equipment and just about everything I would need to customize this bike the way I want. The only problem is I don't have much experience working with motorcycles and this isn't...
  19. H

    Looking for oil filter cover

    Hi, I have a 1982 yamaha Maxim XS400. I went to change the oil and the oil filter cover on the bottom of the engine split into 3 pieces from being over torqued. If you have one your willing to sell me please please please contact me. I've searched the web and nothing, this parts a friggen ghost
  20. G

    Gas gushing out the back of carbs, float seating issue?

    Thanks, in large part, to help on these boards I have my 1982 Maxim up and running on both cylinders(and it sounds nice and healthy for not being registered since 2000). Problem is it's way too rich and I have gas dripping out the backside of the carbs. I assume it's a float seating issue. The...