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  1. petei

    can you replace needle bearings with a custom bushing?

    FYI I have replaced the needle bearings with bronze bushings. My main pivot bushing was fairly pitted and needed to be machined down, finding a replacement is impossible, literally cannot be done. The ends of the pivot are hardened for use with the bearings so by machining the ends I lost that...
  2. petei

    1979 XS400SE Running problem

    If you changed the the exhaust and air filters, the carburetors will need to be rejetted. You will likely need to change both the pilot jet and main jets. There are several threads from over the years that cover this topic. I would love to be more help but I have the DOHC version which is quite...
  3. petei

    Greg Hageman build an XS400 Maxim!

    Where did he hide the battery? is it really under the seat? I didn't think you could get the cranking amps out of a battery that small. or maybe it was that I couldn't get a battery that small with the cranking amps within my tiny budget...
  4. petei

    Sold / Found / Inactive - SOHC XS400 parts for sale!!

    Hmm. I was under the impression that the drive on the wheel is calibrated to the bikes stock wheel+tire radius and that it output a standard rotation which allowed most speedos to be swapped. Either way, how much would yo want for a cluster (chrome bowls incl. the indicator lights and bracket)...
  5. petei

    Sold / Found / Inactive - SOHC XS400 parts for sale!!

    Do you have a speedo/tach cluster? I will be using it on an 1982 DOHC but I believe the ratios are the same.
  6. petei

    Sold my XS

    Sorry to hear about the troubles. @motoTrooper has said it well. Do what you need for you, take care and do things for you. I've learned alot from your posts and contributions to this forum. Best of Luck.
  7. petei

    Cleaned carbs......what are these leftovers

    Hijacking this thread as something similar happened to me. I was working on my carbs and found this one my work area and do not know where it came from. I was very careful about labeling and putting everything in bags.. but I guess i missed it! It is a small o-ring ~4-5mm diameter
  8. petei

    For Sale - Seca 400 tank (pic link added)

    Hi I am very interested, can you PM me shipping cost to 98230
  9. petei

    Back after 5 years

    Hi, I joined and posted a bit way back in 2012, at that time I had purchased an 1982 XS400 Maxim. The plan was to ride it cross country (Canada) from Vancouver to Montreal. Well as many of you know life takes turns you don't expect. The trip didn't happen, I got married, moved to...
  10. petei

    For Sale - 1981 xs400 parts

    do you have a speedo/tach combo? i'm looking to replace the ugly plstic ones on my 82 maxim. shipping to 98230 or V7G2K8 (if not 15$ more then us zip) .
  11. petei

    I'm Back

    Thanks XSleo, i'll check the age, i'm pretty sure they are fairly new, i will check the age wheni get home. right now I have the carbs off and will be cleaned this weekend (it between writing a paper on gender equality and urbanization in the global south :banghead:). lots of things to do. On...
  12. petei

    I'm Back

    Hey everybody!! Some of you may remember me from over a year ago. when i was planning on drivng my XS400 maxim across canada.... never happened. long story short.. i got married moved back to montreal for a year, (put the bike in storage) and now i'm back in BC. wit the bike now in...
  13. petei

    I took a tumble :(

    THe fender was not straight in the pictures, but it has since been fixed. i'll double check the handlebars, thanks or noticing
  14. petei

    I took a tumble :(

    haha I would never allow such a thing...:) Road Test Today, if i pass i'll have my full class 6... nervous but worst case i have to take it again.
  15. petei

    I took a tumble :(

    So i'm still alive, Met a girl and been a little distracted. The bike is running, a couple a things that still aren't tip top but she is on the street and awesome. I still need to replace the sprockets and chain but that is only going to happen by the end of the summer. Here are some...
  16. petei

    What did you do with your XS today?

    I wish it was that dramatic,
  17. petei

    What did you do with your XS today?

    HAHA actually happened yesterday, shoulder is much better, still not 100% but that is probably due to playing softball before it was healed.... they needed me.
  18. petei

    What did you do with your XS today?

    :bike:Went for a ride!!!:bike:
  19. petei

    I took a tumble :(

    fortunatly that is back cloud is in the laurentians. i'm in vancouver right now. looking forward to the results of your test.
  20. petei

    I took a tumble :(

    Thanks for the info, I've decided to use the stock gauges, I repaired them using quick drying epoxy that I borrowed from work. They are all attached now, my light came in friday but I'm away for the weekend so tuesday things should get attached and I'll be riding. When I hear your verdict I'll...