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  1. markjs

    XJ650 questions about coils

    Turns out the TCI box was full of water, thus only firing on two cylinders. Dried out, it works fine.
  2. markjs

    1982 Maxim Gas Tank Compatibility

    I've managed to make a Honda CX500 tank on a Maxim 400. Not a perfect fit but it worked until I got a proper Maxim tank. There are probably other Honda tanks that would work in a pinch.
  3. markjs

    XJ650 questions about coils

    OK, so we're reviving an old XJ650 Maxim, and we have one coil that quit altogether. The only replacement we had available today was from an 85 Shadow 700. It seemed to work at first but the spark is at best weak and intermittent. I was only able to get two plug caps, and both new caps were on...
  4. markjs

    Sold / Found / Inactive - Nice score on an old 400 That looks like a good deal to me. Too small for my personal purposes, but what a nice near complete machine.
  5. markjs

    One man's junk is another's treasure?

    If someone is in love with 400s. and can identify it, why not? I kinda was, I feel bad about being super interested until I realized it was misadvertized. Don't get me wrong I love all old bikes, but I don't wanna go down in power. I still might pick it up, I just couldn't really afford it at...
  6. markjs

    One man's junk is another's treasure?

    I had a Maxim 400, good bikes, but just too small for my needs, not really disdain, but value wise, a 400 is not worth anything close to what a 650 is. Facts are stillf acts. If I lived where I didn't have to get on a freeway to be anywhere perhaps, but I have a Nighthawk 450 I'm always winding...
  7. markjs

    One man's junk is another's treasure?

    Personally an XS400 isn't enough bike for me to bother with, won't even comfortably handle a freeway, useless! I got hearbroken by a guy advertising it as my dream bike, an XS650, but alas on further inspection, I believe it to be a worthless XS400 that I might give $50 for if I was desperate...
  8. markjs

    Make Offer - XS850 Triple Parts

    Soon to be duped on stay tuned!
  9. markjs

    For Sale - Restorer's DREAM come true....? Or just a nice rideable bike with lots of parts Maybe? $1500-OBO...

    Wow, too much to say for the title max... As some in the know would know I and a friend lucked into a wrecking yard score. This is a premature exclusive for this place alone..... What is at offer you say...? A 1981 Yamaha XS850 Triple, that's what... Yeah, you heard me, them damn weire...
  10. markjs

    Make Offer - XS850 Triple Parts

    Awaiting the blueteeth as it were..... Or wishing I could find a bunch of pics on a phone, tak e your pick! MOrning,, or not, IDK at this point, but the pics exist, and I'd have to say I am a man with some little cred around here... ?
  11. markjs

    Make Offer - XS850 Triple Parts

    M'kay.... We approach the final destination with aplomb..... Pictires or it din't happen eh? Kinada late for that, but I got flash..... Asking price needs to go on.... This ias a restorer/s salvagers dream! I list after the plethera of cash in my field of view.... $1.500, for a rideable...
  12. markjs

    Have you ever noticed? (Keep that tank safe)

    Yamaha tanks suck, compared to Honda! I just got an XS850 and have had chanceto deal with a few loose late 70s early 80s gas tanks and the Yamaha tanks are significantly lighter (better for weight of course), and made of much thinner metal. Also much more prone to rusing out (Tho thank god my...
  13. markjs

    1978 XS400 Rear Master Cylinder Replacement - any universal MC?

    IDK if you could make it fit, but I probably have a setup from and xs850, which is a shaft drive bike, so it may not, but afaik, the calipers are same. I have a complete (nearly) 850 I will get pics of if you like, the cylinder is pretty small.
  14. markjs

    Make Offer - XS850 Triple Parts

    AFAIK the rims should fit an XS400, they look like stock Yamaha Tubless mags and I believe are 16":/18" and I have several. I may even have some useable tires, though I wouldn't trust the rubber long term. I've used old tires that look good in a pinch though. Will buy a few months of around...
  15. markjs

    Make Offer - XS850 Triple Parts

    I can't get membership on the Yamaha Triples board so I thought I'd try this here. Still haven't sorted much, but picked a bunch of stuff up at a local junkyard. Will prolly be making a bike, but have two spare engines (one runs we think), lots of spare exhausts, some racks and fairings. If...
  16. markjs

    Sold / Found / Inactive - Not a steal, but not all hacksawed, nice find for xs400 lover

    Thinking of you guys Thought someone might appreciate this. Thank god the guy didn't chop it all up! Can be brought back to stock.
  17. markjs

    XS360 with Carb/Jetting Issues will XS400 fit?

    I've had good luck going over old cracked diaphragms with grey RTV sealant. Got a KZ750 with bad cracks running well for the cost of a tube of that thinly applied to both sides of the diaphragms.
  18. markjs

    For Sale - '82 Maxim 400 Regulator/Rectifier (Fits XJ650 too), and Spark Box (Ignitor)

    $40 each OBO. Both from working bike. Ignitor fits only 400 Maxim.