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    Xs 250

    Hi does anyone have tip how to take out cam chain guide that droped in cranckcase.Sounds amazing but it happened.Thank's
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    For Sale - Camshaft 1MO xs 400,250 SOHC

    Hi, selling used but in good condition camshaft for SOHC XS400, 250 . It is sharp (called non restricted-open) camshaft marked 1MO. Price is 100$, payment Paypal. I am based in Serbia /Europe but can ship WW for additional 30$.
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    XS250 cylinder swap from XS360?

    Thank you for reply.I found on bay few xs360 jugs on reasonable price so i maybe try this (although shipping cost to Europe from USA is killer...).I tought i could rejet my carbs with larger jets and move needles up so that can be closer to larger mikuni BS34 like on xs360.My main concern that...
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    XS250 cylinder swap from XS360?

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    XS250 cylinder swap from XS360?

    Nobody have tried this?
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    Xs250 ongoing project starting issues

    Look's good!
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    XS250 cylinder swap from XS360?

    Hi, thinking to get more power and speed from my XS250 so question is will XS360 cylinder jug with pistons fit to my xs 250 cylinder head and does pistons fit to XS250 cranck connecting rods holes? Also if there is something else what I am forgetting that will require modifications in this...
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    XS 250 carb and tacho cable oil leak question

    Thank you.I did measure carbs inlets and they are 32mm on intake side so i guess this is stock then. I did try usual method for air leak at intake rubber boots with starter fluid spray but i did not get any signs of leak.I will try to find new rubber boots. Does xs400 intake boots will fit to...
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    XS 250 carb and tacho cable oil leak question

    Hi folks, I am new here ,got me a 1981 ,xs250 model 1U5 few mont's ago.Have few questions about carbs and oil leak on tacho cable .First i took some pictures of carbs ,so are this correct for my xs 250? I have hard time to make it running good,basically when i let go of throttle it take some...