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  1. mikeybikey82

    ultrasonic cleaning

    there is a local boat shop here who i have heard will ultrasonic any carb you bring them for cheap, like $40. you could check around for a place like that too? Mike
  2. mikeybikey82

    For Sale - craigslist thread not a 400, but nice anyway. Mike
  3. mikeybikey82

    chrome and zinc stuff

    WOW, those came out awesome!
  4. mikeybikey82

    Air Filters

    if partnmore is legit, then.......DAMN! those prices slaughter ebay, and for brand new. Mike
  5. mikeybikey82

    not running right once warm

    ok awesome, i will take those out when i get home and check on those o-rings. i have an assortment of o-rings that im sure will have one that i can use for now and make sure thats the issue. im glad this forum is here or i would have no idea where to look for half my problems, haha. thanks...
  6. My bike, a 1981 XS400 Special 2

    My bike, a 1981 XS400 Special 2

  7. 1981 Speciall 2

    1981 Speciall 2

  8. mikeybikey82

    not running right once warm

    sorry, its a 1981 speciall 2. this is the 2nd set of plugs ive put in it in the 4 months ive owned it. it has always done this, but gotten way better when i patched up the intake boots and made new gaskets for those. nothing has changed, it had pods on it when i got it and i replaced those so...
  9. mikeybikey82

    not running right once warm

    nope, there was only the one groove that it went into.
  10. mikeybikey82

    not running right once warm

    well i could not find any way to adjust the needle height on my carbs. they didnt look anything like the pictures in the manual. they had a flat plate with 4 holes in it that used 2 screws to connect it to the base of the plunger. then one hole lined up with a hole that went into the air...
  11. mikeybikey82

    not running right once warm

    hey guys, i have been riding my bike to work for the last week, its about a 8 mile trip each way, no speed limit over 40 mph. when i start out, either in the morning or the afternoon, the bike runs like a dream! its awesome! then about halfway home it starts to get a little sputter at partial...
  12. mikeybikey82

    stuck pilot jets

    pb blaster got mine out when it was stuck. i also slightly rounded mine. seemed to work better when i didnt push "in" too hard with the driver while turning. good luck. Mike
  13. mikeybikey82

    Skillzmans XS 400 Cafe build...yep another cafe!!

    you do great work, i am very envious! loving the build! Mike
  14. mikeybikey82

    raising idle

    yea you are sucking air, mine was doing the same thing! i "painted" my intake boots with plastidip and made some new gaskets for them, and that fixed my problems. Mike
  15. mikeybikey82

    Tank - Bodywork finally done and painted

    looks good man, nice job! ive been having a hard time tryin to decide on a paint scheme too, hehe. Mike
  16. mikeybikey82

    For Sale - 1977 Yamaha 400xs Title in hand.

    haha ive been seeing this on craigslist. welcome to the forum, good to see another local guy.
  17. mikeybikey82

    Make Offer - XS400 parts

    i pm'd him about the orange tank on the 10th, and he never got back to me, but it appears that he hasnt signed in since the 11th....
  18. mikeybikey82

    showing off my craigslist find

    hehe check out what i just happened upon while browsing the local craigslist. this all came out of a 77 xs400, and i got it all, engine included, for $50! its funny because i needed the license plate holder/light, the flasher canceller, the foot pegs, and 2 sided case from the motor. worked...
  19. mikeybikey82

    newbie to the forum,my xs400 build

    welcome sir, and nice bike. i love the look of it!
  20. mikeybikey82

    setting float level

    hey logan just to let you know, there are PDF versions of the manuals available here: i downloaded them, even printed and bound a copy for the garage! what a life saver. thats also one thing i should do is double check my floats... Mike