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    I'm seeing a bit of rust towards the bottom of my frame.

    I second the por15 that stuff is rock hard and actually converts rust. Just get off the loose scale first. Amazing stuff its what most serious car restoration people use.
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    Welding Table 95% Done

    Nice table. Not overkill though. A welding table should be beefy. Needs to hold up to heat and pressure when needed. Mine has a piece of 3/4" cast iron as the top and I wish it was thicker. I've been hoping to stumble over a piece of thick plate cheap. Thats an expensive piece of steel. Shaun
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    Help with new compressor

    Hey Evan and Welcome You should introduce yourself type of bike year etc. post some pictures. People tend to get abit annoyed when you just post up and ask questions before introducing yourself. I am in ontario also cambridge to be exact. I'll be honest doing your own sandblasting is a...
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    Ultrasonice cleaners....what one to get?

    Actually before buying my ultrasonic I did alot of reading on boiling and ultrasonics and found some interesting information. The term boiling (from what I found) was used for just using carb cleaner and dipping your carbs. The term seems to have been taken more literally and people...
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    Ultrasonice cleaners....what one to get?

    I was aware of the exploding action thats created by cavitation in the solution but I wasn't aware that it was hard on plastics and rubber. Can you eloborate abit on that faber. Its good to know. I've used mine on plastics and rubbers. I did notice when rubbers were already in really bad shape...
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    Ultrasonice cleaners....what one to get?

    mine isn't loud although it drives my wife crazy. Mine does have a heater I do know that the ultrasonic action does create heat. I also use DI water in mine, although I just use an ultrasonic cleaning soultion. I've tried using other things but found it worked best. I also found that adding...
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    piston rings on ebay decent price

    Actually not so much a problem finding pistons just parting with 100 per piston is insane. I have resigned myself to the fact. But I'm not happy about it :(
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    piston rings on ebay decent price

    ya I wish they had pistons that cheap. All I have bought so far is the rings pistons are next. Shaun
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    piston rings on ebay decent price

    Just thought I'd drop a note here although I'm sure alot of you have seen already. Go to ebay and search xs400 piston rings 24 bucks for two sets. Several seat are availiable. I order two sets one set first over and one set 4th oversized. Just thought I would put it out there. Get them...
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    stripped thread.... inserts ?

    Hey Drifter you still have a pitch its just not measured over an inch like in standarc or inch threads. You could do it a couple ways. Helicoil (might depend on how much meat you have as you will be drilling it up in size first then tapping and inserting the heli coil) You could just go up a...
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    Fuel tank / gas cap id

    So just to clarify coryu1 you have the short more square gas tank? I have the larger round one and thats a decent price I may order one. Thanks Shaun
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    Multiplaz cutter/welder

    I would stay away from those personally. Those all in ones are usually to good to be true. Unless you found something that came from a reputible company I would stay away. Not to mention its new technology. Until that technology hits the mainstream (if its really what it says it is) its a...
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    Timkin (roller or needle)bearing conversion

    there are a couple different brands allballs as were mentioned and pyramid I think (thats what I bought no good reason they were just a decent price). You could just go to a bearing shop and buy them once you knew what size bearing and race you needed. One thing to know is that mine came with...
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    Wiseco will make pistons to order

    I know they are out there I missed an ebay auction a couple months ago it was for two oversized pistons with rings for 70 bucks. would have been an amazing deal. I know what you were saying lhaolpa I just think they supply could be better. I wouldn't want to be in a rush to get them because...
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    Wiseco will make pistons to order

    Mine aren't worn past the point of an oversize. But I do need to oversize. I'm refreshing my engine, full rebuild. It was seized just from sitting. Bore is fine but piston rings were seized beyond belief. I used ultra sonic and kerosene nothing will free them up. Doesn’t matter anyways...
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    Wiseco will make pistons to order

    problem with another company doing it is they will mark up double. atleast if a group of people got together it would be minimal markup. Mabey just the person who handles the money and ordering for the trouble. I think I might send off an order form and get a quote see what the price is then...
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    ebay cut-a-way engine

    you the man I just set up a couple searches Shaun
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    Wanted - 1st over pistons and rings for a 1978 xs400

    Hey Fubar actually was just posting in the garage about having some pistons made. I actually though that pistons were closer to 90 each on bike bandit and ring were around 60 a set I think. Thanks for the response Shaun
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    Wiseco will make pistons to order

    Hi all thought I'd drop a note on here and ask a question regarding pistons. I like most of you have spent a long time looking around for oversized pistons and rings. Sure you can get them but they are costly when you compare them to the price of other rebuild kits for more common machines. I...