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  1. WelderDave

    Wiring harness / charging and esr350 build

    So I looked through drewpys post about rewiring and planning on doing mine, however I needed more information and hit up a local electronics repair shop in addition to electrosport about their esr350. So I made a harness, but it wasn’t as clean as I liked and everything was soldered, which...
  2. WelderDave

    AYA6006 Regulator / Rectifier combination unit

    Any update on this? It’s 2020 now and I’m quite curious to see how long it lasted or if it’s still going. I know my esr350 was a $100 unit and the regulator portion lasted like 100 miles which ticked me off. Would like to know if a good quality combo unit that actually lasts.
  3. WelderDave

    aftermarket regulator wiring?

    I do believe if you are wiring it up from scratch you can use either or, correct me if I’m wrong, but you just have to wire it differently to correspond with the regulator you got. Either switched ground or switched source.
  4. WelderDave

    Summers changes

    She’s nearly done. Lot of hard work into her. Still waiting on the braided steel brake lines in the mail, and I need a new battery to get tomorrow. Last but not least, I made a license place bracket with tail light that goes onto the side (add pic when finished) but I have to solder the brake...
  5. WelderDave

    Where can I find these?

    Yep, I have a new sprocket I’m swapping out yet. New chain also, and rear sprocket is new. I tore the bike all down and had stuff painted and what not, I’m just putting everything back together and fabricating some stuff. Here’s how it looks so far. next couple days I’m welding on some forward...
  6. WelderDave

    Where can I find these?

    Idk why they’re called, haven’t been able to find them. The plugs to the left and right of the triangular neutral safety switch under the chain cover.
  7. WelderDave

    Forward controls

    Sorry, forgot to post but after like 3 hours of looking I found a thread that used a 650 brake arm, which I ordered. I also have a steel aftermarket shift pedal that I’m gonna cut and weld to accept a heim joint. I can post pics once I’m all finished with it. Still waiting on my frame from...
  8. WelderDave

    Brake lever - will this fit?

    This is exactly what I was looking for. Making some forward controls and knowing the 650 bracket fits our bikes is awesome! I also have disc brakes front and back.
  9. WelderDave

    Forward controls

    Planning on welding up some forward control brackets to mount to, I can make everything just fine, my question is where would I get the spline pieces for the brake and the clutch? I don’t know the sizes. But I’d like to find a piece that I can bolt to that mates up to the splines on the clutch...
  10. WelderDave

    Getting into trouble?

    Yeah I get what you mean. The one I was gonna look at, the guy never got back to me so I guess I’m just gonna hold out for a v star. I was looking at those also.
  11. WelderDave

    Forward Controls Almost Done

    I kinda like it. May do this myself also
  12. WelderDave

    Getting into trouble?

    So I’m the last stages of my xs400 build, went through a whole redesign. Paint is coming out pretty well on the 400, and once I get the frame back from powder coat, I’ll have to post pictures of everything together. but in the meantime, I’m also thinking of picking up an 82 virago to build into...
  13. WelderDave

    Tapered steering bearings

    If that’s the case I’m wondering if I should just cut them and make it real easy. Heat would destroy the rubber seal anyway. The frame is also in powder coat too so I’d rather not potentially wreck the paint with heat
  14. WelderDave

    Tapered steering bearings

    So I took the original ball bearings out and I was looking at the races. Those look pressed in. do they also need to come off?
  15. WelderDave

    XS Gas Tanks

    I get that, I was just curious as to if it would fit over our triple backbone. I have no idea how the seca frame is compared to ours. Hoping maybe it is just a longer tank or something that would make it easy
  16. WelderDave

    XS Gas Tanks

    What kind of modding is needed to fit a seca 750 tank. Noticed it was posted it could work with some mods, just curious as to if it needs to be shorter or longer rear mount or why?
  17. WelderDave

    Where to get timing chain

    Was doing my head and when I was setting timing I noticed that it was off despite moving forward and back a tooth, which made it worse. So after some digging online it sounds like it’s because of chain stretch that allows it to be slightly off despite the tension era best efforts. I guess I’m...
  18. WelderDave

    Solved: Desperate for help with Cam Timing: piston hitting valve

    Quick question regarding your timing mark picture. I’m doing mine right now and I lined up with that line and it appears I’m slightly off maybe a half a tooth or less... I did have the head resurfaced slightly to make sure it’s flat. Any input?
  19. WelderDave

    High Schooler Needs Da Guidance

    Easy to figure which you have, just look at the valve cover. You either have a spot for 1 or a spot for 2 shafts. Dohc has a cover that has a clear separation, where sohc is just 1 lump. It also has the 4 access bolts to adjust valves whereas dohc does not.
  20. WelderDave

    xs 400 wiring problem

    If you have power at the key, but nothing coming out when you turn it to on, your key cylinder is bad.