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  1. Pawl

    Fricken pissed gas prices gone up again.$3.88

    We have been paying $1.38 a litre ($5.25 US gallon) here in Yellowknife since the gas jumped over a year ago, and the price never dropped at all. Yellowknife is maybe 500 miles or so from the big oil sands Ft. MacMurray, Alberta. Everyone here is pissed at how he are getting hosed.
  2. Pawl

    Nova Scotia

    Nope! Thought all you buggers moved up here!:smoke: Welcome to
  3. Pawl

    So do I have to add "Earth" to the end of my adress now?

    The best part is that Yellowknife, Mars is in Quadrangle 51 . . . .cool!
  4. Pawl

    identify this small engine

    I'd say what you have there is a Tecumseh 5hp snowblower, with 120v electric start, here's a couple pics of my 1970's minibike, I resurrected a couple years ago. It's a $20 yard sale find (with $200 thrown at it for wheels, clutch, sprockets, chain, seat, cables and a 5hp Tecumseh motor from the...
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    also one of the simplest things to check are the battery connections, that they are clean & tight
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    Same size "look" front and rear tires

    Jacob, I started a thread about this last winter, you may find some helpful info here? I seem to have put most all my bike projects on hold due to new home construction, but I am trying to achieve that look for my XS400. I'll keep an eye on this...
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    Nope!, but I do work across the street from them, for one of the diamond mine companies . .. . which has "booted them off the island" sort of speak. .
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    ok sure, I guess, if you say so. Was she part of their band at one time?, bad split kinda thing?.. . . . I don't really know much about the band, just what I have heard, I thought was shiite.
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    Kinda more the Front Line Assembly, Skinny Puppy type myself . . . .. Who the hell is Ann Murray ?
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    Sorry but not all Canadians like rush . . ... I think they are just! awful! ... sorry Drewp
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    USB Powered Chain Saw

    Ha ha, yeah I 've got one of those too. It starts up everytime I fire up my computer as well, and it has an infinte speed gearbox, you can bring up the revs - shift, repeat till the sun goes supernova . . . great fun, I wish they made a whole line of different engines, I would love to have a...
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    Lower profile rear tire

    This bike, I think is my all time favorite build. The Shinya Kimura Knucklehead, (most of his bikes are in my top 10) Say what ya' want about the manifold/pipe but it is unique & cool! It has the tire height balance, as well as a whole host of other design elements I'm striving for in my XS400...
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    Ultrasonice cleaners....what one to get?

    check out this thread on the one I bought
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    Lower profile rear tire

    Yeah really! Doh!, here I'll try again (now with added high mount rear fender I found at the dump a couple years ago in case I can't acheive a swingarm mount) Thanks guys you are a great help! Your insight has helped me to avoid rushing into ordering new tires that may, or may not work...
  15. Pawl

    Lower profile rear tire

    Now that we are deep into winter, I am starting to forge ahead on the ole 82 xs400 hack & slash project. I took some pictures of the progress. It was only then that I noticed that the rear tire is awful tall since I did a rake job on the front and moved the lower shock mount back over the axle...
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    Multiplaz cutter/welder

    My buddy has a Miller plasma cutter & inverter welder which I use for most fab shit, but I'm looking at getting O/A bottles for heating/bending & real small welding & thick cutting. Last night I stumbled onto this contraption. I been researching it on the ol' webnet for a good part of today . ...
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    Giveaway: $50 worth of products from Parts N More! (ends 11pm CST January 22, 2012)

    I too would like to be entered in the draw, I have purchased parts from Partsnmore for my '73 CB750k and they're pretty good. thanks.
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    Boo hoo!

    Not up here! Seems like we got hit with the shit a little late this year, last year our 1st snow was Sept 21, and it was a cold winter. Generally Halloween is when the snow is here to stay (till about early-mid April). . . . One thing about living here is . ... A white Christmas . . ...
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    Boo hoo!

    Anyone else wake up to the white shit on the ground this morning?
  20. Pawl stickers/decals

    ok . ... so I'll just post my own shit den !. . . das's coo! . ...