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  1. Runningdog

    electrical upgrade

    I did that identical swap when I built my tracker 8 years fit nicely, and has been bullet-proof since then. Nice job done on yours, very neat and tidy.
  2. Runningdog

    What did you do with your XS today?

    I'm confused...are you slipping the bearings over the bar? If so, put the bar into the freezer to contract it. If the bearings go inside the bar, freeze the bearings.
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  6. Runningdogs '78 XS400 "Tracker"

    Runningdogs '78 XS400 "Tracker"

  7. Runningdog

    What did you do with your XS today?

    I'm finally going back to my '78 XS400 to tidy up the things I skipped/short-cutted when I built the bike up 4 years ago. The bike looks good, and I get lots of good comments on it's appearance. It runs well, and is easy to start on the kicker. However, the starter never has worked, and I...
  8. Runningdog

    Giveaway: Set of rims from Mike's XS (ends 11pm CST July 15, 2012)

    I could always use a set of rims from Mikes excellent parts collections....count me in.
  9. Runningdog

    Giveaway: $50 worth of products from Parts N More! (ends 11pm CST January 22, 2012)

    I'd be thrilled to have $50 worth of parts from Partsnmore.......
  10. Runningdog

    finally, Tracker pictures

    Wow, I saw your bike on Bike EXIF, and loved it, but did not realize at the time that it was your bike.....really impressed, and now, of course, depressed that I did not do the same quality of work on my last build.....the bar is reset......
  11. Runningdog

    Put your opinion on the oil I'm using

    Stick with the Shell oil, but use Rotella-T 10-40 (or 15-40), instead. It's a diesel oil, and has the zinc and other additives removed from auto oils. And, it won't interfere with clutches.
  12. Runningdog

    '78 XS400 Cafe/Tracker

    Actually, the seat is the original pan and mounting, and is the original foam, re-sculpted and covered by a local uphostlery wizard (a fellow member of our British Columbia Classic Motorcycle Club forum). I kind of told him how I wanted it to be shaped, and he did the rest...needless to say, I...
  13. Runningdog

    '78 XS400 Cafe/Tracker

    Not sure how to categorize my little project, tried for cafe, but still lack rearsets, and changed clubmans for superbike bars (too old to appreciate laying on the instruments). Before: [/IMG] Semi-finished: [/IMG]