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    Giveaway: Set of rims from Mike's XS (ends 11pm CST July 15, 2012)

    I would love some rims..would be great part to finishing my project!!!
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    Looking for 400 heritage special wheels

    it's a maxim 400j... half of the xj650 pretty much... unlike the xs400 it has a mono shock but i think it's pretty much the same as a xs and seca 400.. don't know it the link will work... but here's what it looked like before i ripped it apart...
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    Looking for 400 heritage special wheels

    does anyone know where i can find some spoked wheels... i`ve got an xj400 and wanna switch up the mag wheels to spokes... anyone done it before? i'm hoping to hard tail it this winter so i'm not worried about the rear wheel not fitting.. mostly the front... thanks guys!