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    Charging Issues SOLVED! Fixing a dead voltage regulator, or dead charging system.
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    XS400 top speed??

    My max was only 83-85 downhill. I had stock rear wheel gear (i forget) and the 17 sproket front.
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    The Journey of a wrench and his first motorcycle

    That seems to be my take on it. I know I use to drive it that way, sometimes I would adjust the idle at stop lights. Most of the time it would drop as soon as you drop it into 2nd gear, and slowing down a little bit more (engine braking). I think the rule of thumb I used the most, is...
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    Why won't the clutch pushrod seal stay in?

    I know unless your taking the case apart, these seals seem to find spur, and then all you can do, is load it up with some case sealant, and hope it protects the damaged rubber portion, until you can get another one.
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    This is the last battery I picked up on the internet (Amazon)
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    PAMCO 400E ignition trouble shoot, help!

    I took my coils into a yamaha mc shop, and had them bench test the coils. Mine surpassed spec. That is the most idiot proof way of getting coils. (determine that yours are fine) I believe the mech stated he hadn't seen a spark that strong. I heard it in the other room. Quite shocking. i...
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    For Sale - Pending 81 XS400 SH (4R4) (Red Wing Area SE Minnesota)

    I bought an replacement one, I just never got to the point of trying to figure out how to attach it. I felt if I was to attach it, I would need to like a harley mod. I don't think I would be able to use the turn signals as everything is. I would need to put them on new stalks, or something...
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    Bike won't start

    I had an issue with the fuel tank once. I had plactic kote'd my tank, with the fuel cap on. The hole got blocked, and I would make it about 2 to 3 miles down, and then it would act like there is no gas. That experience removed my plastic kote, and I had to do it all over again.
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    For Sale - Pending 81 XS400 SH (4R4) (Red Wing Area SE Minnesota)

    Hi guys, I haven't made up my mind, the engine seized last summer, and I haven't touched it yet to determine what is wrong with it. So I am trying to gauge what feed back i get. The last trip, I thought I heard louder than I want'ed for valves. I figured I needed to check the clearance...
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    Yamaha XS400 Wiring Diagrams

    Foot pedal sensor is on the frame, near the behind the foot pedal. (at end of the solid wire) adj by big plastic nut. (at least on the 81.)
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    Removing timing cover on 1981 xs400 Spc. II w/ electronic ign

    The biggest reason for stripped bolts, are because no one has the right screw drivers. Order your self some JIS style screw driver bits. Good luck with you current bolt. seems like we all have fought this problem.
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    Sprocket question

    if you go to the website that makes them, they will list off the gears they make for each model.(I don't remember, but I remember using ebay to get the link to the manufacture, (I am sure a quick search will find the same info.)
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    Fourth gear chatters !!

    Yes, start with the split case procedues, you can leave your head alone. (I would recommend to reset the cam chain tensioner) My first time, I undid everthing, leaving the head alone, and carefully placed in a wet/dry vac tub (it had wheels, and a blanket protecting it. So that was both sides...
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    Headlight failure

    Stator, to diode, to safety relay, handle bar switch to headlight. Pending which version of bike, that is the path of the So their is a plastic block that might have been put together with a missed connection. Which is in the headlight bucket. (follow the handle bar wire bundle.) Make sure...
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    Headlight drawing too much current?

    :oops:, If he didn't have this running in 2013, then I am thinking He gave his bike away. How are you doing? Tobie
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    Brake Piston in too far?

    I did it without the block of wood (or something). It sent the piston flying.
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    Brake Piston in too far?

    I would put a piece of wood to block the piston, and use air to push it out.
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    What did you do with your XS today?

    @Vintage_Metal if gas is coming out of air box, chances are good(bad) that its also in the oil. (smell test) Good luck
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    How to: flasher relay for LED turn signal

    This one is missed named, but it may have some info your missing, (I still couldn't get my auto cancel to work, but that could be do to user error)
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    Nuetral and 5th shift problems

    I am dealing with a seized motor, (I haven't done anything yet) I expect I will take off the top of the head to see if the valves have been wacked, I dont' think there is anything wrong with clutch basket side, but the other side cover will be coming off first so I can attempt to turn the...