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  1. Denverdean1

    Battery dies after a while

    The issue is the rick's reg/rec. For some reason the voltage point is set too low and won't charge past 12.5v and my battery doesn't like it after a while. It's the second one I've had, both didnt work. I put on a cheap Chinese one and it charges up to 14v.
  2. Denverdean1

    Battery dies after a while

    My battery stays at 12.5v for good while when riding and then stops charging randomly leaving me stranded. The stator is good and has new wires. I am using a Rick's reg/rec for lithium-ion batteries and an Antigravity 4 cell. I thought the battery was bad so I bought a new one but it does the...
  3. Denverdean1

    Does anyone know what this is?

    It goes on the gear shifter rod between the engine case and the outer cover. Just below the sprocket
  4. Denverdean1

    Carb tuning advice

    I'm going through the same issues right now trying to tune. I suspect the Rev hanging is because your too lean with the 42.5 pilot jet. I went up to 45 and it helped. That will atleast get your air/fuel crew to the proper turns out. I made some filter extensions using 2" rubber pipe couplers...
  5. Denverdean1

    my new 81 special 2

    I'd just buy new bars. They are pretty cheap. I got mine for $25 off eBay
  6. Denverdean1

    Headlight wiring with stock switch

    Will the stock high/low headlight switch be okay with power running directly through it to the headlight or should I put a relay in? The headlight is 60W with 12-14V going to it so that equals about 5 amps. It will have its own 10 amp fuse aswell. I assume it would be okay and looking at the...
  7. Denverdean1

    Reg/rec wiring

    Im trying to rewire my bike and I'm confused on how to wire up the reg/rec. I've drawn a diagram if anyone would be generous enough to take a look. I'm mostly confused on where to put the red and brown wires that come out of the r/r. The brown wire is the wire that checks the voltage, and the...
  8. Denverdean1

    Regulator/rectifier mounting ideas

    Hello everyone, I'm trying to decide on where to mount my regulator/ rectifier. My original idea was to put it in my electronics tray but I've decided that it wouldn't get enough air flow. Now I'm thinking about putting it on the bottom of the tray by the air filters but I'm not sure that the...
  9. Denverdean1

    Piston circlips

    Oh sweet thank you very much I didn't think of that
  10. Denverdean1

    Piston circlips

    I am in need of new circlips for the piston pins. Anyone know what size they are and where I could get some? I looked on eBay but the cheapest I could find is $35. Thank you
  11. Denverdean1

    Should I change my head gasket

    I decided to take the top end apart tonight anyways because I have a spark plug repair that keeps coming out with the spark plug. I wanted to fix it right so I took the cylinder head off. I have a couple questions. 1. Do I need to get new head studs or are they reusable? 2. Should I replace that...
  12. Denverdean1

    Should I change my head gasket

    I'm in the middle of cleaning/ prepping my engine for paint and I noticed some black gunk around the head gasket. Just wanted an opinion on if it looks concerning and if I should change it. I have a whole gasket kit, just don't want to mess with it if it's still fine. The black stuff seems to be...
  13. Denverdean1

    Rear brake pedal options (Hitting exhaust)

    I just made some new exhaust pipes tonight and realized that the rear brake pedal is right in the way of where I want to mount my muffler. Anyone have any solutions? I don't want rearsests and I'd rather not have to move the mufflers back. Thanks
  14. Denverdean1

    Grinding while riding

    Thank you guys, I will look at the cam chain, and try and record the noise once the snow melts. I've inspected the bike and didn't see anything visually wrong on the outside. I've also spun the wheels and couldn't replicate any sort of noise so I don't feel that is the wheel bearings or brakes...
  15. Denverdean1

    Grinding while riding

    Im the new owner of a 79 xs400, I've been working on it for the past few weeks and finally got it to run. I took it out for a test drive and noticed it makes a grinding noise, almost like gears grinding. It's not consistent and happens every couple seconds sporadically. I think its coming from...
  16. Denverdean1

    Ignition coils

    Okay thank you for all the info and help it has been very appreciated
  17. Denverdean1

    Ignition coils

    any suggestions on where to get proper coils that are good quality? I was looking at the ones on mikesxs but ive read mixed reviews
  18. Denverdean1

    Ignition coils

    The right prong has the wire attached to it to go to the orange and grey wires. The left prong is attached to the mounting bracket of the coil so I assume that is the ground
  19. Denverdean1

    Ignition coils

    Thank you for the reply, I think I get what your saying. So if I attached a wire from the red wire to the coil mount bracket it would work?