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    Sold / Found / Inactive - Parting out sohc xs400

    Hey Chris, Thanks for letting me know you’ve got the entire kit! It was a time sensitive issue so I had to quickly get one off of Ebay, however it’s for a 650 not the 400 I've got. If it doesn’t fit I will contact you immediately about getting the kit from ya. Thanks again.
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    For Sale - Make offer 78 xs400 parts

    Hey don’t suppose you’ve still got that seat for sale?
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    Sold / Found / Inactive - Parting out sohc xs400

    Hey Chris, Was wondering if you still had seat rod latches? My seat is missing the entire contraption to keep it locked on the frame.
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    Wanted - ‘81 XS400H Seat hook and brackets

    Hey all; currently looking for the seat hooks and the spring for my 81’ xs400. Seems like I’m missing those parts for that portion of the seat; if anyone can help, I’d appreciate it.
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    '81 Connecting rod big end bore diameter?

    I'm fixing up an '81 engine and there is scoring on the big end of the connecting rod. Does anybody know/have a source for the big end bore diameter for the conn rod? Since the Haynes manual only has the small end bore diameter and I have not been able to find this spec elsewhere.