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    Wanted - New Valves for SOHC engine

    Hey all, I'm looking for a NEW set of valves for my 1978 Yamaha XS400. One of my exhaust valves is bent and they are all worn beyond getting the stem resurfaced. The OE part numbers are: 1L9-12111-02 INTAKE VALVE 1L9-12121-02 EXHAUST VALVE They are no longer avaliable from Yamaha in Japan...
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    78' XS400 front brake upgrade (new member)

    For reference, xs400 parts are seeming to be hard to find in NZ
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    78' XS400 front brake upgrade (new member)

    Hey Guys & Girls! Bert here, from Nelson NZ. Thank you for letting me join this awesome forum! I've just bought a 78' 'Cafe racer' And it's turned out to be a basket case.. Front brakes were "rebuilt" but the piston is rusted beyond usable, the bleeding nipple snapped straight off by...