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    cool xs400 chopper

    yea see alot of quads/3 wheelers with xs250/400/650 engines lately
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    Gold frame?? Your thoughts please

    ^ ever i love the gold frame.
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    New member, just sayin' hey.

    welcome to :) where knowledge is power.
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    Custom Seat "Adventure" (Like WM Seat)

    wish winter would end here in iowa
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    Xs360 to keep it or not to keep it

    OUCH :yikes:...and i was think about moving to the uk withing the next few years sense
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    does this wiring diagram look right to you?

    kill switch...
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    does this wiring diagram look right to you?

    pm me amd ill send u a wiring diagram
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    Wanted - Fuel tank and carbs

    i got a set of carbs. 90 bux plus shipping :)
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    Giveaway: $50 worth of products from Parts N More! (ends 11pm CST January 22, 2012)

    please i woud like to enter. i need to win so i can get a new helmet :)
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    New Home Made Bars

    looks GREAT! polish them up and u got yourself som bada$$ bars
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    For Sale - 1978 xs400 2e

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    carb question.. again!

    i got mine for sale :) pm me if your intrested
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    The New Guy

    welcome paul, CLEAN lookin bike... dig the blue
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    Cafe Racer TV on DVD

    got my dvr set :)
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    diagnosis for someone new to motorcycles?

    sometime to get a float unstuck u can tap the bottom of the carb bowl with the plastic end of the screwdriver and get them unstuck
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    Silly Question?? Clean looking hose clamps?

    copper wire make a cool looing hose clamp
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    need some help with sticking carb

    or if u wanna go cheap u can always plasti-dip your intake boots....
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    For Sale - 1978 xs400 2e

    stil bs34 carbs
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    For Sale - 1978 xs400 2e

    yea im sure as long as it not a maxim....