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    Right exhaust not pushing same power

    hey guys and gals. i have been doing some minor tuning on my bike. like recently clean my carbs on my 1977 xs400 ive replaced the points and the condenser. the bike fires up and is running some what good. but my right exhaust seems to not have the same exhast flow/ power coming out like the...
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    Oil leaking from stator

    also im redoing the points as they are too far apart and im getting an ark. its a 1977 . chris do you have an websites where i can find one? or any oem parts for this bike. thanks again
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    Oil leaking from stator

    thanks chris yeah the gasket on the cover is still there and in solid shape. but i think the previous owner put some form gasket sealer on the inside, do you think i just need the one gasket on the cover? or i should get one for the inside case aswell?
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    Oil leaking from stator

    Hey guys and gals. I just purchased a 1977 Xs 400 and I'm finding out a couple different things about this bike piece by piece. Cleaned the carbs and adjusted. But my points are giving me problems and I will be replacing them and the condensers. Anyways when I opened up the stator cap oil leaked...