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  1. graphed

    '82 Maxim: Low Beam fine, High Beam and indicators not working.

    Just got my bike back from the shop and noticed they missed a few things... I'll be getting in touch with them but in the meantime I'd like to have a better understanding of a few issues: - Low beam works fine but the high beam is non-existent. Is this most likely a wiring or bulb issue? Would...
  2. graphed

    Throttle cable issues ('82 maxim)

    Hmmm... Will check this out tomorrow and get back to ya. My friend seemed to think it was correct but I'll play around with it and double check everything. Cheers :)
  3. graphed

    Throttle cable issues ('82 maxim)

    So I replaced the worn out throttle cable on my '82 Maxim.. I compared the new cable to the old and they're the same length, plastic cover and all. I routed the new cable exactly the same as the old. The only problem is that SOMEHOW there is not enough slack, so when sitting properly in the...