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  1. Requiem

    My Bratstyle build

    It's been a while, yet again :laugh: Project is still alive, numerous small things have been done to the bike. Most telling is probably my finished custom seat and side panels. I finished my seat base and had it upholstered, I'm very satisfied with the result! The brown closely matches the...
  2. Requiem

    1981 XS400 Scramblerized Build, eventually...

    Keep it up! :) those carbs needed a bit of cleaning haha
  3. Requiem

    xs 400 from Russia

    Welcome! Good luck with your (re)build! Здравствуйте (My father once convinced me that was curse word in Russian haha)
  4. Requiem

    2 VIN numbers

    Yep :) simply means a different model engine was put into your frame... I have a 4G5 frame with 2A2 engine. Pretty common thing these days considering the age of the bikes
  5. Requiem

    Cafe Racer Build

    Best looking DOHC I've seen! :)
  6. Requiem

    '81 xs400 chopper project

    Ouch those forks look bad! Good luck with your build! :)
  7. Requiem

    Original photos Custom

    I would gladly help you, but I'm afraid I don't know of many pictures you're looking for. You might check the manuals for the bike and a lot of google pics. Doubt you'll find all the angles though! Good luck
  8. Requiem

    '79 XS400 Cafe Build

    Welcome and good luck! :)
  9. Requiem

    XS400SG Resto/Build Thread

    Welcome and good luck! :) The bike doesn't even look that bad, will definitely need some TLC but it looks like it'll be worth it
  10. Requiem

    I just have to say. ....

    Haha same here :laugh::laugh:
  11. Requiem

    Hello from Central Alberta

    Great and clean work! Very nice
  12. Requiem

    My Cafe Racer Build (and Re-Build)

    Anodizing your own parts is brilliant! Have to look into that :) Those forks and wheels look great
  13. Requiem

    81 cafe RE-build from Qc

    It is really hard to judge the carbs simply by looking at them. One of many tiny passages can be blocked and cause problems. Have you checked why the bike isn't running? Usually the problem is either in the ignition (no spark) or in the carbs (no fuel)
  14. Requiem

    XS360 Bratstyle Replica- Codenamed: Sheeple II

    Looks great :) really clean
  15. Requiem

    Kong Style Chopper build

    Wow this build is happening fast! :) I like where this is going
  16. Requiem

    1978 xs400, make it mine?

    2A2 is a 400 in any case :) yeah 1000 is too much if the bike won't even start bought mine running for 250, dunno about prices in switzerland though
  17. Requiem

    My $50 XS400 Find

    Frame does indeed look bent... Still a steal though, if only for the engine and parts
  18. Requiem

    Oil Consumption. How Much is Too Much?

    Can hardly imagine the oil you're losing is all through consumption. Have you got any oil leaks?
  19. Requiem

    So it begins, my first ever custom build

    Welcome! :) Good luck on the build
  20. Requiem

    Can anyone recognize this XS rear hub?

    Right :) Figured it wouldn't fit my 400, was worth a shot to ask ;) Thanks xschris