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    Xs400 exhaust gasket dimensions, thoughts?

    Hi all, I've recently changed my exhaust on my bike to a higher scrambler style setup after my old pipes started touching the roat on one of my more spirited rides! It's a fully custom exhaust but I'm having a hart time getting the left cylinder to seal on the pipe so I think I need some new...
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    Xs400 ignition coils

    I've just received 2 new ignition coils for my 78 xs400 but I've notice the new ones only have one small input wire instead of the 2 wires (orange and red with stripe. How do I wire these up? Thanks!
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    Xs400 weird idle issue

    Hi, Thanks for the information, one thing I notice was you said the emulsion tubes have to be pressed out? Mine slide out with a decent push. Would that mean they are worn/leaking possibly? Cheers
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    Xs400 weird idle issue

    Hi, I've checked timing and adjusted it correctly throttle is returning correct starting with choke. I did a plug chop today while it was doing this and both cylinders were rich! I'm wondering if I have a worn needle jet I pulled it out and the needles look good no wear but I don't know if it's...
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    Xs400 weird idle issue

    Diaphrams are sweet, brand new. Synced carbs with a digital manometer so they are balanced, and I've checked the mix screws and they are good too. I could try new air filters but I can't see how that would affect it? Thanks
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    Xs400 weird idle issue

    Yeah weirdly it's a touch rich at idle but still hangs up like it's lean? It's very confusing
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    Xs400 weird idle issue

    Hi, Thanks for the reply, have done all of that and still similar result, I've uploaded a video of the issue here, it seems to be slightly intermittent. But happens more often than not. Any load applied to the engine drops it back to idle and if you cover up the idle air jets on the carb mouths...
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    Xs400 weird idle issue

    Okay, I have the H pipe so I might fit that tomorrow with these filters (all I have at this stage) and see how that goes. I did a plug chop on the highway and I'm a tad lean so I'll go up a size on the mains too. I've checked the advance mechanism and it seems to be ok? It springs back into...
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    Xs400 weird idle issue

    Hi all, I've been fixing an old xs400 (1978 xs400f) I got a while back and finally have it registered and warranted (NZ) however I've had a constant issue that I just can't seem to fix. The bike runs well and has good power, but the revs will hang when you touch the throttle (not always) once...
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