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  1. sbondoni

    21" spool hub front wheel

    Thx Yo !Most will tell u not to( cause there is no front brake) but my eye caught a dudes bike on this site and i just had to do it ! I looked around on a ton of sites but the #'s where just not matching up, until i ran across a dude on Craig's list that was selling a 21'' . To make a long story...
  2. new wheel 001

    new wheel 001

  3. new wheel 002

    new wheel 002

  4. new wheel 003

    new wheel 003

  5. new wheel 004

    new wheel 004

  6. new wheel 005

    new wheel 005

  7. 21" spool hub wheel

    21" spool hub wheel

    Love the look !
  8. sbondoni

    21" spool hub front wheel

    its taken me some time to get it and put it on because i got a 2nd job to pay for my trip down to florida so i can start school at Wyotech begining of Jan. I will be taking the Stallion down with me and finishing it down there but here is a few pics of how he sits right now !
  9. sbondoni

    '81 Bobber (The Italian Stallion)

    so i ran out of money but had plenty of time to kill before my front wheel gets done so i made some lollipop baffels for the headers .
  10. sbondoni

    20 dollar paint job.

    Me Likie ! cant really tell in the pics but did you fill in where the old Yamaha emblems went or is it just the paint skeem/line that hides it .....
  11. mock up

    mock up

  12. mock up2

    mock up2

  13. mock up3

    mock up3

  14. mock up4

    mock up4

  15. The Italian Stallion(bobber)

    The Italian Stallion(bobber)

    Mock up
  16. bike


  17. bike1


  18. headers and tank 001

    headers and tank 001

  19. headers and tank 002

    headers and tank 002

  20. carb