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  1. Robsteeler66

    Exploded View - 77-79' Carb

    Been a while Chris. Is this a good kit for my ‘81? I know the description says it is, but those things lie a lot, lol.
  2. Robsteeler66

    XS rebuild back on track..maybe!

    Our attention gets drawn away frequently. My bike is embarrassingly still sitting. It’s been more than 10 years. I’ve ordered some new bits and it’s getting worked on as soon as they get here. It’s time. Good luck with yours.
  3. Robsteeler66

    Change of seat style & Bars

    Maybe message Drewpy. He lives in the UK so he knows local suppliers, plus he built a flat tracker.
  4. Robsteeler66

    Exploded View - 77-79' Carb

    Chris, is this why they never seem to list the rebuild kit for my carb? It's always other years. They only have gaskets and float needles for 81's. I don't think the other parts will fit. I still haven't taken my carbs apart, but hopefully the jets and hard parts just need cleaning. If not...
  5. Robsteeler66

    Exploded View - 77-79' Carb

    I do have a manual, I guess I should read it.
  6. Robsteeler66

    Exploded View - 77-79' Carb

    Wait, I thought all years used BS34's?
  7. Robsteeler66

    Replacement carburetors

    I just need to clean and rebuild. Haven't taken them apart yet, so I'm not sure what I'll need. I see so many rebuild kits look like junk though. If you know a good source, please let me know.
  8. Robsteeler66

    Replacement carburetors

    Nobody knows anything about these? I'm surprised because not a lot of places have parts for our bikes. Usually, its members here who push the companies to make things. I might end up being the guinea pig on this one.
  9. Robsteeler66

    Replacement carburetors

    Has anyone ever used these, or heard anything about them?
  10. Robsteeler66

    Aftermarket headlight

    Welder Dave, do you have a link to the model you purchased?
  11. Robsteeler66

    Rear shocks

    Nobody likes loose balls...
  12. Robsteeler66

    Exhaust Header Nut and Shim Question

    Did you change everything all at once? Hard to narrow it down. Maybe put it back to stock and make sure it runs well, then make changes one at a time. When things get bad that’s your culprit.
  13. Robsteeler66

    Paint it Black - Mild Restoration

    Try the petcock that Chris suggested. He knows the XS inside out.
  14. Robsteeler66

    Well It's Been a Fun Time Everyone, But....

    Wow! I'm very glad to hear you're alright. I wish you a speedy recovery, and fast bone knitting. Hope you ride again in the future.
  15. Robsteeler66


    Awesome! See, I disappear for a year, and look what happens! :rock:
  16. Robsteeler66

    What did you do with your XS today?

    Not really to my bike, for my bike. I cleaned out my garage, got rid of all of my wife's things. I'm able to get to my tools again and was able to get my bike inside out of the weather. I'm now ready to tear it down for its restification. :D
  17. Robsteeler66

    81 400 died strangely

    I had the same thing happen. I'll be getting into my wiring soon.
  18. Robsteeler66

    Dials, Speedo/ Tacho

    Something like this mate.
  19. Robsteeler66

    Dials, Speedo/ Tacho

    You need the 2240:60 ratio from what I understand, in order for you speed to be accurate.
  20. Robsteeler66

    Heavy duty shocks

    Okay, thanks a lot for the feedback guys.