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    Yamaha XS400 Manuals

    Yamaha XS400SH Parts Catalogue and Parts Diagrams. Thanks arfstrom
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    How to Find and Leave Feedback. READ THIS FIRST!

    Leave your feedback for transactions that take place on in this sub-forum. Here’s how it works: Each person has their own thread and all their feedback is posted in that thread. When you have feedback to leave, enter it into the person’s feedback thread if they already have one...
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    Yamaha XS400 Manuals

    Yamaha Special Tool List. Covers all Yamaha models and the special tools required for servicing each model.
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    Yamaha XS400 Manuals

    Yamaha Color Codes. All Yamaha models.
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    Yamaha XS400 Manuals

    Service manual for the 1982 XS400 in English, French, and German. Large download. Should be good for all DOHC models. Chapter 1 - General Information Chapter 2 - Periodic Inspection and Adjustments Chapter 3 - Engine Overhaul - Part 1 - Removal and Disassembly Chapter 3 - Engine Overhaul...
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    Yamaha XS400 Manuals

    Good general service manual for the XS250, XS360, and XS400. It says 1975-1978 but should pretty much cover all SOHC models. Part 1 Table of Contents Routine Maintenance Chapter 1 - Engine, Clutch, and Transmission Part 2 Chapter 2 - Fuel System and Lubrication Chapter 3 - Ignition System...
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    Yamaha XS400 Manuals

    Listed below are manuals that have been sent in to share with the XS400 community. Thank you to everyone who contributed. Some manuals have been broken into sections to make the downloads smaller. This way you can download only the section(s) you need. If you have additional manuals you'd...
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    Site Rules and Guidelines! READ BEFORE POSTING

    RULES: No Religion No Politics Guidelines: Use descriptive titles for new threads! Titles should be more than one word. “Cool” is not a descriptive title. Don’t abuse the quote function. Don’t quote 4 big pictures just to say “cool”. Instead of quoting, you can address people by their names...
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    The Lounge: Post Count Turned Off

    Post Count Turned Off in The Lounge Not that most of you care about your post count, but it has been turned off for posts made in The Lounge. Posts made to threads that get moved to The Lounge will also not increase your post count. The main focus of this site is the Yamaha XS400 and other...
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    Classified Forum Rules - BUYERS AND SELLERS READ HERE FIRST!

    Users of the Classifieds must follow these 10 rules: 1) cannot be held responsible for losses resulting in use of these classifieds. BUY AND SELL AT YOUR OWN RISK! As when buying anything online, use good judgment and caution. 2) No bitching about prices. If you think...