Excess Impulse

Got my 1st bike (a 1972 Suzuki TS 90) at age 12. Have had 10-12 bikes altogether, and own 4 now. Mainly ride a 2001 Yamaha XT225 with some slight mods, prefer to trail ride or 2 track, but ride lots of dirt and country back roads too. Other bikes besides the 1980 XS400 , a project 1974 Yamaha XS 650. I came across the 400 on Craig's list and couldn't pass it up, an impulse buy for my 2nd XS, hence, excess impulse!

Well, I really was looking forward to building the 74 XS650, but so many things have come up to keep me from it for the last year, then I find this 400. I decided that I could start with the 400, to l
Gobles, MI
Suzuki 185, Suzuki TM 125 1977 Yamaha XS650, 1976 Suzuki GT500 2 smoker, Honda Magna V30, Yamaha 175 enduro 1982 Honda Nighthawk 650


1980 XS 400 G/SG
1974 Yamaha XS650 (next project)
2001 Yamaha XT225

"Get your motor runnin'- head out on the highway"


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