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For Sale - F/S Atlanta 81 XS400H

Discussion in 'Classifieds' started by Vintage_Metal, Jun 5, 2023.

  1. Vintage_Metal

    Vintage_Metal XS400 Member

    I've decided to part with my XS. A new project fell in my lap so this one's gotta go.
    11K ish miles.
    The good:
    New tires front and back. Newish battery. Halogen headlight, led tail lamps and gauges.
    I did the BWD R296 voltage regulator and blade fuse conversion.
    New right hand switch (kill, start etc)
    Gravity petcock installed.
    Cheap cone air filters with carb upjet.
    New chain
    New rear brake shoes and I just cleaned and serviced the front brakes as well.
    Seat cover replaced.
    Recent repaint with single stage Yamaha silver under a 2-stage clear. New tank badges.
    The top end was rebuilt Sometime in its history, maybe 3-4K miles ago.
    Runs GREAT. Cranks every time. It's the perfect city bike. I don't go on highways much because drivers in Atlanta are insane.

    The not great.
    Something is going on in the turn signal circuit that I can't find and also I've been too lazy to troubleshoot. So the turns are inop. On the same switch the high and low beams work, horn works as well.
    The left carb float will not seal perfectly so you have to store it on the center stand and remember to turn off the petcock overnight or you'll have a fuel drip.
    There's a small oil drip somewhere around the filter housing. The bike's 41 years old.
    One side of the rear seat latch is broken on the frame so the seat doesn't really stay well. I use a short bunjee to keep it on.
    Mufflers are ugly but functional, have been welded and repaired a few times. They were on the list for replacement.

    $1500 OBO. I'm in Northeast Atlanta burbs, willing to meet up in the greater North GA area.

    IMG_1218.jpg IMG_1877.jpg
    Last edited: Jun 5, 2023

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